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Homeless shelters near you.

Find details on emergency homeless shelters that are near you. There are charities, churches, non-profits and other organizations that provide emergency lodging in almost every city, county, town, and municipality. They can give people (or even families) a place to go for a night or more as well as provide basic needs. Get the locations of shelters for the homeless near you below including for women, men, veterans, families (or a single parent) with children and also refugees or immigrants.

Many charities as well as churches or non-profits try to provide the homeless a place to go for a short period of time. The goal is to provide individuals both a safe place to stay as well as access to mid-to-long term support, such as information on rapid rehousing, budgeting, legal, and other resources. In addition, a number of homeless shelters are “seasonal”, meaning they may operate during the cold winter or hot summer months in an effort to keep the homeless warm and/or cool.

Additional assistance programs for the homeless

Some organizations, such as Salvation Army or Catholic Charities, may also provide emergency motel or hotel vouchers for a night or two or in a crisis, warm clothing, or blankets/sleeping bags. In addition, they often operate transitional housing for people as the homeless person (or family) starts to move onto a path of more stable living arrangements. Find free emergency motel vouchers online near you..

In addition to having a place to sleep for a period of time, many homeless shelters also work to address other basic needs as well. They may serve free hot meals, provide clothes, sleeping bags, tents, or personal toiletries, have a mailbox or showers/laundry service, and help the homeless in other ways. Many shelters also try to help clients find a place to work.

A homeless shelter near you may focus on housing certain individuals as well offering them other assistance, including income based apartments with no waiting list. Women who were living a violent or unsafe situation may be given free legal counsel, vets may learn about VA programs, and many other social services may be offered. Some homeless shelters even support alcohol or drug abusers and work to rehabilitate them.




National charity organizations for emergency lodging

In addition to the local free emergency homeless shelters that may be near you and are listed below, there are some national organizations as well. As an example, there are national organizations below.
The Catholic Charities near you has housing as well as shelters for the homeless including single moms, immigrants, and refugees.

  • The YWCA helps women, teenager moms as well as single mothers, homeless females and gives food, a place to sleep, referrals and many other services. Find details on YWCA assistance programs for women.
  • VOA, or Volunteers of America, provides emergency homeless shelters, low-cost apartments and transitional housing to the homeless, mentally ill, disabled as well as veterans among others. Continue with homeless shelters from Volunteers of America.
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) is a faith-based charity that helps anyone in need, regardless of their religion. The charity (often called Family Promise) operates low cost housing, financial aid programs, pantries, and homeless shelters as well as other resources. Learn about housing assistance from Interfaith Hospitality Network.
  • Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) provide free or low cost public housing and/or homeless shelters. In addition, the government affiliated agencies can help the low income apply for section 8 vouchers, low income housing, or emergency accommodations. More on section 8 assistance for the homeless.

There are many other places to turn to for assistance near you. The Salvation Army (listed below by state) provides shelter, free vouchers for motel rooms, financial assistance and free basic needs to hundreds of thousands of people per year. The Salvation Army near you may also have meals, bag lunches for the homeless, or operate cold weather shelters or “cooling stations” during the summer. They are listed below as well as other resources.







Local homeless shelters

A number of charities, churches, and non-profits operate emergency homeless shelters near you. Find a county or city below. In addition, the Salvation Army (which is also listed below by state) often has short term housing resources available.





































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By Jon McNamara

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